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Gothic Punk

Gothic Punk, Goth punk, proto-Goth, Punk or Positive Batcave retrospectively established names for the early, still heavily influenced by the punk style of play of the gothic rock.


In particular, the British punk band The Damned contributed their singer Dave Vanian at the appearance of the scene. The Damned played punk, but did not admit punk-typical, prevailing fad that was vonVivienne Westwood designed and established by the manager Malcolm McLaren as stylistic elements of the Sex Pistols. Vanian oriented by contrast to classic vampire horror films. [1] Some later Gothic-Punk, Death-rock undHorrorpunk bands were based sometimes on music style and appearance of the band. [2] [3]

"Long before there was a clearly defined Gothic look, fans came to our concerts that were as Dave tightened. […] Safety pins, Gespucke and bondage trousers were present for other bands hip, but if you went to a The-Damned show, then got the half urban cemetery in front of the stage. "


The active since her appearance on 20 September 1976 at London's 100 Club Siouxsie and the Banshees debuted in 1978 with The Scream. Until 1980, especially their singer Siouxsie Sioux established as an icon of the burgeoning scene and British post-punk avant-garde. After her headlining appearance at the Futurama Festival 1980 commented Paul Morley that Siouxsie "vorführte her latest outfit that will affect all the girls in the coming months. Approximately half of all girls inLeeds viewed Sioux as a fashion model, from the head to the toes. "[5] In 1978 the the post-punk Joy Division attributed with their first release a wealth descendant musician anticipate. The Double 7-inch single A Factory Sample comprised, besides an early recording of Cabaret Voltaire Joy Division songs Digital and Glass. In particular, digital is "a dark, fast dirge combines the speed and hardship." [6]

"Hooks Bass transported the melody, guitar Sumners leaves gaps, rather than replenish the mix with tight riffs and the drums of Steve Morris seems to trace the edge of a crater. Curtis sings of a "lonely place" in the middle of this empty space […]. "


The hitherto unique sound of Joy Division led to a number of performers, which emulate the sound of the band. [8] One year after the first single from Joy Division in 1979 also presented themselves Bauhaus the first time with the song Bela Lugosi's Dead and crowded the following year in the flat field a gap that Adam Ant had left with its development in the New Romantic pop. The "theatrical glamorous […] blasphemy" of Bauhaus had a higher appeal as "storybook tale of pirates and Indians." [9] Bela Lugosi's Dead defined with a text "in which it adequately swarmed with blood and bats" and the elongated hall staggered Percussion and late use of guitar and song, the "sound of a lifestyle". [10] Bauhaus combined with the erotic and blasphemous embossed texts Peter Murphy and her look, together with Siouxsie and the Banshees, the occurrence and appearance of the emerging scene. , Reminiscent of Dave Vanian and The Damned Look relied meanwhile on Gloria Mundi, had appeared for the Bauhaus in 1979 as the opening act. [11] later than the death of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis May 18, 1980 opened a new set of labels of like musical style market.

"By commiting suicide, Ian Curtis of Joy Division not only put at end to his own life and did of his band, but allowed a vacuum to Occur into more of all other synthesis bands scurried."

"With his suicide ended Ian Curtis of Joy Division not only his own life and that of his band, he also allowed a vacuum into which rushed all these bands."

- DAVID Dorrell [12]

On July 5, 1983 Bauhaus ended her career for the time being with a concert at London's Hammersmith Palais.


Even before the release of Bauhaus were new bands into the spotlight. The Southern Death Cult, Sex Gang Children and Gene Loves Jezebel were slowly released. The Southern Death Cult released in October 1982 on the cover of the NME and the beginning of 1983 were currently coming bands brigandage, Blood and Roses, as well as previously in 1982 mentioned Sex Gang Children and The Southern Death Cult, inter alia, representative of the mass of the bands around the Batcave, and those that fit stylistically to titled as positive Punk because they within through their artistic, often dominated by performance art, theatrics and ostentatious dandyism, positive 'claim of other, more aggressive and more negative', flows punk rock took off. [13] [14]

The Batcave, the London Club of slowly establishing itself the scene that was founded in July 1982 by the band Specimen. Some of the associates of the Batcave also scored Nik Fiend, the singer of the band Alien Sex Fiend. Both Alien Sex Fiend and Specimen occurred repeatedly in the Batcave. These ran Glam Rock, Rockabilly and just the music that later became known as Gothic, and film classics of Gothic fiction and cabaret performances. [15] [13] The Batcave concluded after three years and great success, due to dwindling visitor mid-1985, but up to this end were there on another early Gothic bands like Sex Gang Children, Cabaret Voltaire, The Birthday Party or Christian Death. Imports coming from the United States of America Christian Death represented meanwhile the parallel development of music for GothicPunk; the deathrock, the next Christian Death at 45 Grave, the early T.S.O.L., Theatre of Ice, Kommunity FK, Superheroines and Voodoo Church-based, arose from the punk scene of Los Angeles. Overhead was the bands of addiction to punk and shock-rock bands like The Cramps, The Damned and Alice Cooper. [16]

"In Gothic bands a preference for Horror Kitsch met a sincere interest in the dark side '."


Also in Germany emerged in the early 1980s "from the haze circles mostly punk-oriented bands" a parallel development of music that appealed equally to Joy Division, Bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees. [18] The German artist was hardly despite similar levels than uniform motion perceived. As Depro Punk known bands such as (late) Chaos Z / Stürme or EA80 were not generally, as the German horror punk band The Curse or the initially shrouded in Gothic-punk bands X-time Germany, Asmodi Bizarre, Circle of Sig- Tiu, Marque Moon and cyan Revue, the German Gothic scene attributed, but rather subordinate to the punk and hardcore punk. [18]

Transition to Gothic Rock

Between 1984 and 1985, the scene changed. The most important bands of change of the early Gothic scene for gothic rock were The Sisters of Mercy and The Cult. During the early interpreters of the idea to produce rock music, were skeptical about and rock clichés refused to Andrew Eldritch understood as a rock musician. [19]

"Britain is home to an awful lot of terrible bands, particularly from London. Many of them go with this chatter of because, we are no rock band on the stage. We do it the other way - to go one step forward. We say, we are a rock band 'Very Loud "..


Ian Astbury disbanded The Southern Death Cult, calling his new band only The Cult; these published in September with Dreamtime one of the first rock albums, which emanated from the scene. 1985 debuted Fields of the Nephilim with the EPBurning the Fields and followed the basic idea of ​​the Sisters of Mercy to play Gothic than rock music. Another year later debuted the founded by Wayne Hussey after the separation of the Sisters of Mercy The Mission successfully with Gods Own Medicine. The Cure oriented in 1984 with The Best of experimental New Wave and also bands like Christian Death, Virgin Prunes or Siouxsie and the Banshees oriented at this time new while new artists arose who by the style of The Sisters of Mercy and Fields of the Nephilim oriented. Groups like Love Like Blood, Nosferatu, London After Midnight, Rosetta Stone or Two Witches played to understand the idea Gothic than rock music. [19] The German development took off the mid-1980s with artists like Love Like Blood and Girls Under Glass an oriented more like rock direction. Whereas the original interpreters reorient in different directions.

"Many local bands the first hour went through the development from punk Gothic / Dark Wave to rock-oriented, straighter, harder sounds, whereas bands, which came directly from the Gothic / Dark Wave range, either to the vanguard, oriented to Industrial or in the opposite direction, toward the pop. "



In the new millennium, it came first in the US, by bands like Cinema Strange, Scarlet's Remains or Tragic Black, at a significantly gothic-punk-oriented Death rock revival, its impact is widened to Europe. This revival is called because of its stylistic and optical based on the style of the Batcave club in London in the 1980s, often referred to as "Batcave Revival". In Germany especially bands like Murder at the Registry and Bloody Dead and Sexy resurrection repressed the movement on their stamp. In the UK, bands joined as The Scary Bitches scene. As in the original Gothic punk movement fused fashion and musical elements from horror punk, Gothabilly, Punkund Gothic Rock Revival.


The music is considered arising in post-punk environment Urstil of gothic rock, which called GothicPunk until the second half of the 1990s and retroactively previously published releases was attributed. Previously cultural studies and market Farming style concepts such as post-punk, New Wave Wave and also subcultural terms like Batcave and gothic rock to re-register the style were common.

At the height of the Batcave in 1983, the scene looked as flow of the punk scene, meanwhile the music has been described as Gothic. [20] In an attempt to summarize this development, used music journalists in the early 1980s terms like Punk Gothique undPositive Punk while the scene of San Francisco was called the Death rock, the title Positive Punk for the British scene temporarily established itself. With the conversion to a rather oriented rock music, the term Gothic Rock established progressively for music without regional distinctions and Gothic for the scene, which live up to the mid-1990s various subdivisions. [19]

"I do not know how things went from deathrock to Goth, but I think the Sisters had something to do with it."

"I do not know how the matter from deathrock to Goth was, but I think the Sisters had something to do with it."


Thus the concepts of Goth punks or Batcaver for people interested in the early bands and trendy at Punk oriented grouping in the gothic scene were common. In the 1990s, the terms deathrock, Batcave and GothicPunk were also common for the style of music. [22]

Musical arrangement

At the core idea of ​​the Gothic Punk the musical ideals of punk remained faithful. Already the early Gothic saw itself as a shift away from the clichés of rock music.

"Never a guitar solo, never finish a song with a loud bang drums. Sometime Siouxsie Kenny Morris had taken the basin of his drums. "

- STEVEN SEVERIN - Siouxsie and the Banshees [5]

The drums, in which the following bands like The Southern Death Cult use the pool minimized, appeared in early Gothic instead as "hypnotic funeral marches or tom-tom-heavy" to play "breakneck guitars" and "high post-Joy Division -Bassläufe ", the song went during which either almost the" operatic "or was deep and plaintive based on Ian Curtis and Jim Morrison. [17]


Regarding outfit and hairstyle many members of the gothic-punk flow are clearly influenced by punk. Torn clothes and tights are common, the typical mohawk is frequently encountered and the find of Vivienne Westwood Introduced bondage and BDSM fashion elements of the punk scene as accessories.

Added Coming elements of horror punk already been early common in the scene.

"From the appearance here was a combination of very sick-looking pallor, combed back or tousled black hair, rumpled Regency-shirts, crumpled cylinders, leather clothes and dog collars with studs popular, where the ensemble was complemented by accessories such as religious, magical or macabre decoration which in usually made of silver produced was (bone earrings, rosaries, five-pointed stars, Ankh symbols, skulls). "


Known representatives

Early Gothic Punk representative UK

• Alien Sex Fiend

• Bauhaus

• Blood and Roses

• Bone Orchard

• Brigandage

• The Damned • Rudimentary Peni

• Sex Gang Children

• Siouxsie and the Banshees

• Skeletal Family

• The Southern Death Cult

• Specimen

• Theatre of Hate

• UK Decay Early Gothic Punk Representatives International

• The Birthday Party (AUS)

• Curse (D)

• The Lords of the New Church (US)

• Christian Death (US)

• Virgin Prunes (IRL)

• Xmal Germany (D) Newer representatives with foreign influences

• Bloody Dead And Sexy (D)

• Christ Vs. Warhol (US)

• Cinema Strange (US)

• Scarlet's Remains (US)

• The Scary Bitches (UK)

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