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To write an article

Here I would like to show you how to write articles in the Dark Wiki.

Before I show you step by step with pictures how to do it, a few basic information:


Dark Wiki works with "namespaces", which can be compared to folders or categories. So it is also possible to search by category.

As you can see above, this page is called: "de: howto: darkwiki: article_writing", which means it is in 3 namespaces 1. de (the namespace for the language), 2. howto (explanatory namespace) 3. darkwiki ( Namespace for Dark Wiki statements) then as 4th the actual name of the article. Are you looking for "howto" you will find all explanatory articles that are stored in this namespace, you are looking for "darkwiki" all explanations to the Dark Wiki. The namespace for the language indicates the language and ensures that you can find or translate the same article in other languages. Important if you want to translate something: change the article name only the language namespace eg: "en: howto: darkwiki: article_letter" for the English article. Even if it is a completely different term in the other language.

The displayed name of your article is formed from the first heading in the article, here: write article

Click here for the list of categories.


Furthermore, hashtags are supported, which means that your article can also be found under other terms. For example, a musician can write an article "de: musician: depesche_mode" and use additional hashtags in the article (# + term) "#DarkWave" "#Electro", so he can use the search handles: musician and despatch mode but also with the hashtags DarkWave and Electro are found.


It is possible to place info boxes in a post.

Just put the following code without a space at <and> in the article:

<box 30% right>

Box Contents </ box | Box Name>

The% number can be adjusted as desired, as well as left can be used instead of right, if you want the box left. The box name is also freely selectable.

Let's go to the step by step explanation how to write an article.

01. Search for the term you want to write about (musician):

As you can see here, the term does not exist yet:

02. Now enter in the search your term with the namespaces (de: music_knowledge: Musicians):

Of course, the search will not find anything here either, click on the red text to create your article:

03. Now write in the editor first your term and Mark it:

04. Select "Heading 1" in the menu to mark your term as a heading (this is how it will be displayed later in the search):

05. Post your post and when you're done below, click Save links:

06. This is what your post looks like, but in the top right you can see that the page name with the namespaces is not correct. That can happen, but it can easily be changed.

07. On the right side next to each post is a menu, select Rename page here:

08. Exchange the namespace separators "_" against ":", so instead of: de_music_knowledge_music you write: de: music_knowledge: musician. Only if there are dots between namespaces and articles does the system recognize what is what. When you're done, click "Rename":

So your contribution is now completely DONE, if you want to edit it again you will find on the right side of the menu, at the top of the edit icon.

Now I show again how to translate an existing article.

01. Take a look at the article and select the language you want to translate it at the top left of the page:

02. As you can see here, there is no translation for this article:

03. Click on the "create" icon in the right menu:

04. Now the text of the original article in the editor window will be ticked, with a hint that it is not (or not completely) translated. You can now write your translation (as described in the article) as described above, when you're done delete the reference to the incomplete translation and click Save below:

Your translation is now READY to write a translation in this way is usually synonymous with the article name namespaces because the system takes over and only the language namespace changes. Of course you can check it again for safety.

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