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  • Dark Wiki is intended to share knowledge about / for the black scene, not to spread advertising or spam or harm anyone. It is allowed to write about his project, business or similar factual articles, it is also allowed to describe his favorite music / musicians or movies with factual articles.
  • If you want to include your opinion in a factual article, please start with: "My opinion is:" and finish with: "this is my opinion" and put your name or nickname behind it. Own opinions should always be clearly differentiated from the rest of the text. Articles that contain only your personal opinion will be deleted.
  • It is forbidden to write articles that are: discriminatory, inflammatory, misogynistic, xenophobic, illegal or otherwise violate applicable law.
  • It is allowed to create web links to sources or to websites / Facebooksites. Unless they violate applicable law.
  • Basically, articles can be written on any topic that might be of interest to members of the scene. Articles on other topics are not allowed.
  • Anyone who registers with Dark Wiki can write articles, and any registered member can edit or translate articles.
  • Who harms others will be deleted!
  • Each article must be created in the appropriate namespaces; at least the language namespace and the namespace category are required. If a namespace does not exist yet, it is allowed to create it.
  • It is allowed to write own literary works: stories, poems or the like
  • It is not allowed to delete articles from others, editing is allowed if it represents an improvement.
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