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In discussions, for example in radio and television broadcasts, the moderator conducts the conversation. In the case of magazine entries, contributions are generally "moderated", so they are also referred to here by moderators. In general, moderation can be defined here as the transfer from one program element to another. At the same time, moderators conduct interviews on radio and television (as opposed to conversations); they tell stories about the music or events (moderation report), they form moods ("Phatic" moderation), call for participation, create attention for and classification of topics. The main task of moderators is therefore the production of relevance; the reason why a specific topic at this time for this target group in this medium takes place. Moderators are, according to empirical investigations in television such as radio, the essential binding element for the target groups. In this respect, the moderation of broadcasts is also comparable to that of blogs.

In many so-called format radios, moderators are also responsible for the announcement of weather and stale notifications, and the other speech contributions are often restricted to announcements of music tapes and the application of their own station. This happens more and more often (especially during the night hours) via computer programs. Nevertheless, such moderators often serve as important identification figures for the respective broadcaster.

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