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Musicians are people who play music, ie produce (composer) or reproducing (singers, instrumentalists) music: in the narrower sense professionally or in the Nebenberuf, in the wider sense also as amateurs or laymen. As a professional musician, he or she is the only one who makes his or her livelihood exclusively or mainly from music. A professional musician runs the music with a so-called winning goal. Musicians usually specialize in a particular genre, with overlapping being possible.

In the course of the history of music the image of the musician has changed significantly. In the Middle Ages, performing musicians and music theorists were strictly separate professions. The performing musicians were equal to prostitutes and kettle-flickers from this point on. Later, musicians were normally active in all areas of music and beyond, composers, performing musicians, teachers and theorists, but at least since the eighteenth century, the above-mentioned divisions were increasingly separated from each other. The advent of virtuoso influenced this development. In the twentieth century the separation into the fields of composition, interpretation, music education and musicology was so far advanced that four different occupational fields can be mentioned. Today, the profession also includes the creation of ringtones or the creation of apps and applications as well as the development of programming languages ​​within the framework of computer music.

Special aspects
With the special problems which the often very one-sided and partly very special attitude of the arms and hands during many years of repeated movements of the same movements deals with the music medicine.

Overload and premature wear of the muscles, tendons and joints of the arms, especially of the hands, are particularly frequent. Of the 264,000 professional musicians working in the US in 2006, 50-76% of professional musculoskeletal complaints suffered, depending on the instrument being played.

Music therapy is also concerned with noise and tinnitus, which are frequent occupational diseases of musicians.

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