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DEVYA - Black Waves & Floating Foams

​Rankweil, Austria – (14/02/2018). Published by the European label Dark Ace Records Kompany, “Black Waves and Flying Foams”, is the new Extended Play from DEVYA. Released on Bandcamp’s digital audio platform, “Black Waves And Floating Foams”, it combines the love for synth-pop with dark-rock and various electronic trends. Recorded in collaboration with various underground artists from Udine (Italy) music scene, the music describes the state of spiritual isolation towards love and modern society, the anxiety of death, the threat to the system, the hope of utopia, the unforgivable borderline and self-denial to war.

The main texture of “Black Waves And Floating Foams” is “darkwave”, based on the triangulation of synthesizers, which push up to dance melodies and decadent disco in the most instrumental moments, from the use of machine guitars and sharp riffs, from piano arrangements and from robust LFO arpeggiators, they are the driving force that distinguishes this EP.
Bio: DEVYA is the project and the band of Devis Simonetti** . From 1996 to 2002 his start in England with Lorenzo Bertoli together with producer Roberto Concina, allowed him to dedicate himself to self-production and electronic music. He founded the “Devya” with Francesca Mombelli in 2010. The debut album, “I Don’t Know What Is Christmas” (released for the record company Audio Ferox / Paige 2013) is the clear proof of how much new-wave , the brit-pop, the shoegaze, the industrial and the synthetic pop, have been heard, absorbed and reworked. In 2014 they released the single and the video “Going To Town”, participating in 2015 in a radio tour and several compilations. In 2017, he signed the Dark Ace Record Kompany, releasing the new digital 45 of the project entitled “Witch – Hunt”, which anticipates “Black Waves And Floating Foams”, the new E.P. for the same label.

“If all your Death had been Life, would you know how to make the most of the Night in the Morning?”
“Black Waves And Floating Foams” E.P

Witch – Hunt

Illogikal (instrumental)

Olimpya (instrumental)

Shine Dream

We Are Not Together (Rewire)

Sorrowfully (instrumental)

DEVYA for this work are:

Devis Simonetti : Synthetizers / Sequencers, Drawbar Organ, Nintendo Game Boy

Marco Menazzi : Guitars (all tracks), Programming (on“Illogikal”)

Fabrizio Bon : Keyboards & Arrangements

Luca Franzolini : Guitar & Programming (on “Witch – Hunt”)

Alessandro Santi : Guitar (on “Shine Dream”)

Sybell : Voice & Melodies (on “Witch – Hunt”)

Marco Darko : Voice & Melodies (on “Shine Dream”)

Recorded & Mixed : Devis Simonetti

“Witch – Hunt” recorded & produced : Luca Franzolini

“Illogikal” recorded : Marco Menazzi

Voice Recording & Editing for Courtesy of “Lily’s Puff” Studios (on “Shine Dream”)

Voice Engineering : Paolo Corberi & Renzo Fanutti (on “Shine Dream”)

E.P. Mastering : KP1

℗ 2018 Devya Under Exclusive License : Dark Ace Record Kompany

Artwork : Simone Miani

Photographer : Pietro Corrao

link Bandcamp :

link Facebook band : DEVYA

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