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The Industrial, Noise, Hardcore, Psytrance Experimental project LaUD23 was founded in 2005 by the EX punk rock guitarist KP1.
Characteristic features are the aggressive beats and the complete renunciation of singing. Instead, most speech samples are used from different backgrounds: from movies, series, news reports and political speeches.

At various concerts LaUD23 rocks the dance floor again and again and proves the excellent danceable of the tracks.

In 2007 Laud23 released his first self-produced CD “Chaos 3000” (sold out)

2013 published “AusDRUCKsTANZmusik” at Montfort Records

2014 rerelease of “CHAOS 3000” and release of “The Early Years” at

2015 rerelease of “AusDRUCKsTANZmusik” at CIA - Creative & Individual Arts

2016 release of “Volk X Musik” at CIA - Creative & Individual Arts

2017 release of “Best of 12 Years” at Dark Ace Records

2017 release of “Laut aggressiv Unerbittlich Durchgeknallt” at Dark Ace Records

2017 release of “The Earth” at Dark Ace Records

2007 - 2017 various concerts, releases on some compilations. The band is currently working on their next album, which is scheduled to be released in near future.

KP1 has also been working for various radios since 2010, since 2016 it has been running its own: CIA Radio. He has also been a DJ on various events since 2007. He also runs a support organization for unknown artists from the Gothic scene: CIA - Creative & Individual Arts and a small independent label: Dark Ace Records.

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