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CIA Compilation

Periodically, CIA - Creative & Individual Arts releases a music compilation. This compilation will appear every 3-6 months, depending on how high the stake is.

We are looking for artists who have not signed any label or have permission from their label.

You can participate with music from the following areas: Darkwave, Goth, Gothrock, Batcave, Gothic Metal, Neue Deutsche Härte (NDH), Medieval, Folk, Folk Rock, Punk, Electro, EBM, Aggrotech, Industrial, Noise and all other areas, somehow fit into the gothic scene.

The following conditions apply to participation:

2 (or more) creative songs in good quality (mp3 320 kb / s)
An artist description or biography
1 (or more) photos or artwork
Complete and truthfully completed application form

To participate, a form must be completed and submitted. It is confirmation that the participant is also the originator of the songs and gives CIA the rights to publish them. Furthermore, it explains that CIA Radio has the right to play your songs (even those not included in the compilation) on the radio stream.

After submitting the form, the participant can upload his files to the CIA server. For this a .zip or .rar file with the name of the participating project should be uploaded.

Submitted songs are listened to by the CIA team, which then decides if and how many of them will appear on the compilation. The decision will be communicated to the participant immediately via email.

A deadline is set only towards the end of the search, it serves the applicants to announce, that after the deadline an application for the current compilation is no longer possible, applications that arrive after the deadline but are earmarked for the next compilation.

After the deadline, the preparation phase begins. First it will be decided (with more than 2 submitted songs) which songs will be released on the "normal" and which will be released on the "extended" edition of the compilation. Then the lineup is determined, while making sure that the songs are arranged so that you can hear the compilation through pleasant. In the next step, all songs get a digital mastering, are labeled and tagged. This is followed by the artwork creation, mostly front and back cover and a promotional image are created.

In the next phase, the exact release date will be set and all participants will be notified via e-mail. In this e-mail the participants will receive the release date, the weblinks to the release pages, information about which artists participate, the lineup and the running times, the artwork and other information.

In the final phase before the release, songs and artwork are uploaded and the release pages are prepared. This ensures that the publication can take place punctually on the specified date. A few days before the release, the first promotion will be started by the CIA and the participating artists.

The compilation will be released on the CIA Bandcamp page as "Name your Price" download. Any revenue will be used to reduce the organization's expenses. In addition, an "Extended Edition" of the compilation is released, which contains more songs that are not included in the "normal" compilation. This "Extended Edition" is only available to subscribers of the CIA Bandcamp Accounts, the Subscribers designated by the CIA as CSI (CIA Supporter Institute) agents pay 12 € per year and thus have access to all Extended Editions and other Exclusive Publications. These are also used to reduce the expenses of the organization.

On the day of the release of the compilation, there is usually a release broadcast on CIA Radio in which some songs are played that are on the compilation.

Regardless of whether or not it appears on the compilation, the music will be made available to the CIA Radio team for radio broadcasts and all songs will be uploaded to the CIA Radio AutoDJ.

Furthermore, songs of the compilations will be included in the CIA Newcomershow and the voting for the newcomer charts.

The artist descriptions / biographies can be published on the CIA website together with the photos and the web links to the pages of the artists (if indicated).

Only 3 steps have to be taken to attend:

Step 1: Read description page

Step 2: Fill out the e-mail form and submit

Step 3: Upload the files

To participate form

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