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Dark Wiki - knowledge for the scene

The dark scene is extensive - lifestyles, art forms, genre, interests …

Millions of followers of the scene worldwide who could not be more different, new areas have been added over and over again and everything has a story, a background.

Whether musician, label, radio, painter, sculptor, goldsmith, dancer, make-up artist, event, location, club, shop, magazine or general knowledge, everything that fits into the scene or could be interesting for the scene, can be immortalized here , Everyone in the scene should have the opportunity to inform themselves or to spread information themselves.

In addition to the headings, the search for hashtags (# + word) is also supported, so that the search for terms such as: Gothrock or Industrial not only outputs the description of the genre but also bands that have specified these terms as a hashtag.

We wish you success in informing you and invite you to write your own contributions.

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